I'm Jasmin Hamid
UI/UX designer

I have a passion for creating digital products and services that are accessible and intuitive.

About me

My career started with interior design when I was introduced to my first Architectural Digest magazine. Being a visual person that likes to convey emotion through aesthetics, I found interiors as a vessel to share my vision with the world. My passion evolved into user design when I transitioned my career to a project coordinator for a start-up company.

From overseeing each phase of APP development, my understanding of all research stages and design elements allowed me the ability to create and deliver an impactful story.

As my aspiration grew to identify challenges between people and technology, this allowed me to evolve into UI/UX development with a focus on designing "human-centred" products. I aim to apply research to create accessible and visually appealing products that incite meaningful change.

My life and career have allowed me to establish a diverse perspective and be an excellent candidate to lead with empathy, solve problems, and innovate for a better tomorrow!

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The core strategies that drive my work



Using a human-centred approach to identify user roadmaps and align them with business goals.



Design clear, logical frameworks and screen flow that allow rapid testing and iterations.



Rapid construction of high-quality prototypes from low-fidelity through to high-fidelity.


Usability Testing

Developing, facilitating, and analyzing efficient and informative user tests.


UI Design

Designing unique and enticing visual experiences, regardless of the platform.



Researching, developing, and applying thoughtful and innovative brand features.

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