I'm Jasmin Hamid
Product Designer

I have a passion for crafting visually engaging and functional designs to prioritize the user experience.

About me

My journey began in interior design, inspired by my first encounter with an Architectural Digest magazine. As a visually-driven individual who thrives on conveying emotions through aesthetics, I saw interior spaces as a canvas to express my creative vision. Transitioning into project coordination for a startup company marked a pivotal moment in my career, where I had the opportunity to oversee every facet of app development.

This experience deepened my understanding of the entire research and design process, equipping me with the ability to craft and deliver compelling narratives.

As my ambitions expanded to address the intersection of people and technology, I found my calling in UI/UX development with a steadfast commitment to creating "human-centered" products. My focus lies in applying meticulous research to design accessible and visually captivating solutions that drive meaningful change.

Through the diverse experiences of my life and career, I have cultivated a unique perspective that positions me as an ideal candidate to lead with empathy, tackle complex challenges, and pioneer innovations for a brighter tomorrow.

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The core strategies that drive my work



Using a human-centred approach to identify user roadmaps and align them with business goals.



Craft coherent and well-structured narratives that provide a solid foundation for the storytelling of a user


Wireframe & Prototyping

Design logical frameworks and screen flows for high-quality prototypes from low-fidelity through to high-fidelity.


Usability Testing

Developing, facilitating, and analyzing efficient and informative user tests.


UI Design

Designing unique and enticing visual experiences, regardless of the platform.


Web Design

Researching, developing, and creating thoughtful and innovative web design.

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